Bruce Arians Reveals Why He Thinks Tom Brady Wanted Out Of New England

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians proved to work just fine with Tom Brady. In the first year of their marriage, Arians and Brady absolutely trampled the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl.

Much has been made about why Tom Brady wanted to leave Bill Belichick and the Patriots after having so much success. Bruce Arians has some ideas on the subject.

“I think his competitive spirit is so strong that he wanted to do it,” Arians told Showtime’s Ray Lewis, via “He wanted to show people. I’ve never said anything bad about Bill Belichick; I know everybody tries to say I do. His record speaks for itself. He is probably the greatest one ever. But I think [Brady] wanted to try a different way.”

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Bruce Arians doesn’t believe Tom Brady wanted to leave New England just to “stick it to them” or out of pettiness. He legitimately believes it was just a part of Tom Brady’s competitive drive to want to try something a “different way” at 43-years-old.

Brady proved that the “different way” works for him. Not just that it works, it might even work better. Normally quarterbacks make a leap in the second year of a new system. I know, Tom Brady will be 44 next season, but is it possible that him and Bruce Arians can build an even more lethal offense now that they have some familiarity? I wouldn’t bet against em.

Whatever Tom Brady’s motives may have been, he certainly made New England look bad for letting him walk out the door.

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