Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo “Gus Fring” Esposito is El Presidente (Not That One) In Must-See Far Cry 6 Trailer

I’m going to show this trailer to my parents and see if they can even tell this is a video game and not a movie. The footage from the epic just released trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming Far Cry 6 is just that high-quality. The capabilities of these next-gen gaming systems look like they’re making a gigantic leap toward the other side of the uncanny valley, and video game acting is suddenly becoming a lot more than basic voice-over and motion capture. Or this is just a really good CG trailer that a gaming company is slipping in. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Either way, this nearly four-minute trailer that sets up the game’s story just hooks you immediately:

According to Ubisoft’s initial announcement, Far Cry 6 is set on “a Caribbean island simmering with revolutionary tension.” and “will feature actor Giancarlo Esposito (Better Call Saul, The Boys, The Mandalorian) as President Anton Castillo, the violent leader who grips the island of Yara with an iron fist, promising a return to its former glory.”

“As Dani Rojas (playable as a female or male character), you will help stoke the fires of revolution through guerrilla warfare across the island of Yara, from verdant jungles to the urban streets of the capital city, Esperanza. You’ll use a powerful array of weapons and vehicles, and build a network of allies to fight alongside you,” the announcement continued.


The Far Cry series is known for it’s open-world survival focused game-play, as well as for some radically over-the-top villains. El Presidente looks like he could jump to the top of the list based on Giancarlo Esposito’s performance alone. The game’s Narrative Director, Navir Khavari, told GameSpot that “we were excited to really just dive in and tell a story about a guerilla revolution on this massive island with its own capital city. So I think once we dialed in to the idea of wanting to tell this story about guerrilla revolution, everything sort of flowed from that.”

Game designers also revealed to the GameSpot reviewer that they consider the sixth installment to be “the most ambitious open-world yet.” They also confirmed that the game would feature the return of voiced protagonist, in a pivot from the recent Ubisoft model.

The game is expected to hit shelves in February and will be available for both next-gen (Playstation 5 and Xbox X) as well as current-gen (Playstation 4 and Xbox One) consoles, as well as PC.

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