Former Blackhawks Player Says “Every Guy On The Team Knew” Of Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Coach Brad Aldrich

The Chicago Blackhawks’ brass is under heavy fire after a report detailed a cover up of two sexual abuse allegations against video coach Brad Aldrich in 2010.

According to the report by TSN, a player on the team confronted the front office during the 2010 playoffs, accusing Aldrich of making inappropriate advances against his will. The front office (including current GM Stan Bowman) decided not to file a police report.

On Friday, a report by The Athletic revealed that a former member of the 2010 team said that ‘every guy on the team’ knew about the allegations against Brad Aldrich.

Per The Athletic’s report:

It was then, at the team hotel and local bars, that word spread among the players that two teammates had accused video coach Brad Aldrich of sexual assault, alleging that he got them drunk and tried to perform oral sex on them.

“Every guy on the team knew about it,” one player on the 2010 team told The Athletic. “Every single guy on the team knew.”


Two lawsuits were recently filed by former members of the Chicago Blackhawks, saying that they were sexually harassed by Brad Aldrich.

One player from the 2010 team, Nick Boynton, said in The Athletic’s story that players were confident that the organization would handle Aldrich, given assurances from skills coach Paul Vincent that he would have management file a police report.

“Another player on that 2010 Chicago team, Nick Boynton, said Vincent made it clear to players during the San Jose series that he would alert upper management about the allegations. Boynton said players trusted that Vincent would handle the matter appropriately given his background — he was previously in law enforcement — and Boynton believes Vincent’s account that he told his superiors that they needed to go to police. “I trust (Vincent) over the front office,” Boynton said. “He’s a stand-up guy.”

Boynton’s story would back up the previous report by TSN that Paul Vincent went to the front office about Brad Aldrich, but they would not take his advice to file a police report.

Paul Vincent now says he is willing to testify on the cover up when the lawsuits make their way to the court room.

This story just keeps making the Chicago Blackhawks organization look worse and worse. Hopefully, they’re held accountable along with Brad Aldrich.

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