Bishop Sycamore Fires Head Coach As More Eerie Details Emerge

The Bishop Sycamore scandal has completely taken over the nation.

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ESPN aired a high school football game between Florida powerhouse IMG Academy and supposed Ohio school Bishop Sycamore last Friday.

But upon further investigation, people aren’t sure if Bishop is an actual school.

As the Bishop Sycamore story is taking over the country, the spotlight has been shifted to their head coach, Leroy (Roy) Johnson.

Johnson has several legal issues pending. He was accused of domestic violence, although that case was dropped. Johnson is also set to go to trial for defaulting a loan in 2018. He also allegedly failed to pay a Bishop Sycamore hotel bill.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Bishop Sycamore had fired Roy Johnson for allowing his team to play multiple games in a week.

Is Bishop Sycamore Even A School?

But if Bishop Sycamore isn’t even a school, how are they firing Roy Johnson?

The team’s website lists a PO Box as their official address, saying they won’t give their actual address due to ‘protection’ for their students.

They’re also not recognized by the Ohio Department of Education this year. Last year, the school was listed as a “non-chartered, non-tax supported school” because of religious reasons.

Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine has released a statement, saying a full-blown investigation will be launched into Roy Johnson and Bishop Sycamore.

“Like many Ohioans, I am concerned by the recent reports and questions raised about Bishop Sycamore,” DeWine said in a statement. “While this weekend’s football game brought concerns about the health and safety of players, it also raised red flags about the school’s operations.”


The Bishop Sycamore story has to be the most insane sport story since the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend debacle from earlier in the decade.

It sure feels like the jig is up for this high school (or fake high school).

Soon enough, they’ll be forced to discontinue their football team, and I’d imagine they’ll be outed for not holding any sort of educational system.

The Roy Johnson fire was probably just step one.

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