Tennis Player Bernard Tomic’s Girlfriend Seeks Revenge After He Smashed Her Laptop

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In this case the scorning was a smashed laptop. Aussie Tennis player Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend Vanessa Sierra is looking for a little revenge after the Tennis player purposely destroyed her laptop. Apparently Vanessa’s plan is to leak some incriminating video on OnlyFans.

See her post below:

Sierra explained the incident later on social media.

An argument began after she was unhappy that Tomic hadn’t visited her in the hospital.

“I was upset with him for not checking on me when I was hospitalized. Argument escalated to him ruining my livelihood (thumbs up emoji) double homicide,” said Sierra.

However, Sierra also clarified that in spite of the dispute the situation didn’t turn violent.

“Just to clarify he didn’t and has never laid hands on me,” Sierra wrote.

“For everyone asking I AM OK. I gave myself time to take care of my mental health before posting anything. The material items are replaceable,” she wrote in response to concerned queries from supporters.

This whole thing sounds like one big publicity stunt.


People will do anything to get some subscribers on OnlyFans.

Check out more of the Tennis GF below:

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