Atlanta Falcons Thanked Matt Ryan With a Pretty Lame Tribute Video

The Falcons traded Matt Ryan, their starting quarterback since 2008.

Ryan got shipped to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2022 third-round pick. This trade came an hour before Ryan’s roster bonus deadline and a few days after the team went all in to pursue Deshaun Watson despite 22 separate allegations of sexual misconduct.

When Watson ultimately chose the Browns, the Falcons were essentially forced to part ways with the Ryan and launch a rebuild. One would expect the Falcons to at least try to give Ryan a proper sendoff after how the team botched the past couple weeks. But instead they gave a pretty weak excuse for a tribute video.

Watch below:

That’s it?

The Falcons thanked Ryan with a 53-second video which was pretty much him walking in a tunnel.

Be better not bitter. Matt Ryan deserves more than that.

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