Allen Robinson Calls Out Reporter For Trying to Stir Controversy Up For Sunday Night Football

Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson had a lot to say about how much he likes playing at Lambeau Field. Robinson enjoys the ambience of playing at  the historic stadium.

“It’s the atmosphere you would envision from being a kid.”

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Another reporter chimed in, and tried to clarify Robinson’s stance on playing at Lambeau.

“I get Allen Robinson probably didn’t mean anything against the #Bears by saying “hey playing at Lambeau Field is cool”, but the logistics aren’t great.

The Bears #1 receiver was tagged in the post by another Twitter user, which resulted in Robinson going hard at the reporter.

“You had to tag me in this didn’t you lol, @jacobinfante24 bro, shut yo ass up man lol. I was asked about playing in a Sunday night game at lambeau and the atmosphere.”

Robinson plans on playing when the Bears play the Packers on Sunday Night Football.

“Everything is trending in the right direction,” Robinson said. “We’ll just continue to see how this week goes.”

Should be a good one.

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