All It Took Was One Punch For This Padres Fan To Knock Out A Rockies Fan On Wednesday

Fans are back in stadiums across the country, and we’ve already seen our fair share of crazy sh*t happening. However, nothing compares to this showdown during the Padres-Rockies game today.

Apparently, this Padres fan had enough of getting chirped by a Rockies fan in Denver; So he casually walked over and issued a TKO with one clean punch to the jaw.

The Padres fan may have gotten jumped by a whole group of Rockies fans afterwards, and he may have even been taken out of the stadium in handcuffs. But I’ll bet he says this was worth it.

As for the other guy…let’s just hope he’s alright. You can tell he wasn’t really expecting to be socked in the face there, and  it looks like he may have gone unconscious.


As for the game itself? The Rockies and Padres would split the doubleheader on Wednesday. But I’d say the real story was going on in the crowd.

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