Adam Schefter’s Investment in Gambling Firm Under Fire

Adam Schefter is getting into the gambling business.

Adam Schefter’s latest investment is going through the wringer, as it may constitute a real conflict of interest. ESPN’s lead NFL reporter, Adam Schefter, recently invested in Boom Entertainment. The company develops sports and casino gambling apps, and it also is developing “real money gaming products.”

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Bloomberg reports that ESPN declined to say whether it has a policy that outlines “ethically acceptable investments” for employees, or whether Schefter’s investment complies with any such policy.

ESPN declined to comment on whether “any social or business lines are getting crossed” as the lines between sports, media, and gambling continued to be blurred.

Wouldn’t be surprised if ESPN or Schefter issued a statement that he has cashed in his investment in Boom Entertainment.

Everyone wants a piece of the action, even Schefty, who already gets paid pretty well by the Mothership…

This may be  one gamble Schefty can’t afford…

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