Bettor Who Needed Lions to Win for 16 Leg Parlay Still Got Paid

Entering Monday Night Football, one lucky bettor had the opportunity to turn $25 into $726,959 at BetMGM via a 16-leg NFL parlay. All the bettor needed was the Detroit Lions to beat the Green Bay Packers. He was so close to $726,959, that the entire internet took notice.

Now we all know the Lions didn’t win, but what did the bettor do? Did he hedge his bet??

Apparently he didn’t hedge, but rather he was given a freebie. Even though he didn’t walk away with 3 quarters of a million, he still netted a very nice payday.

Thanks to BetMGM, that’s exactly what happened. BetMGM said Wednesday morning that the bettor was able to cash out for $133,000.


The 16-team parlay was actually made using a free $25 promotional bet. Ordinarily, BetMGM does not provide a cash-out option for free bets. This time, though, the company made an exception β€œdue to the amazing picks and unlikely odds.”

Definitely great PR for BetMGM.

It would have been much more fun to see him try to hedge his bet with a loan shark.

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