Lasers Blamed Following Mohamed Salah’s Critical Missed PK Against Senegal

Egypt’s Mohamed Salah is one of the best goal scorers in the entire world. So when he stepped up to the line in the end of the Wold Cup qualifier game against Senegal, it was hard to believe he wasn’t going to pull through.

But shockingly, Salah sailed the ball over the crossbar, and Senegal was quickly able to knock Egypt out of the World Cup.

However, fans were quick to notice that Mohamed Salah was battling lasers coming from the crowd straight for his eyes as he was preparing for the kick.

Immediately, fans have been coming to Mohamed Salah’s defense for having to deal with lasers all over his face during such a pivotal moment for Egypt’s World Cup chances.

Mohamed Salah has been one of the Premier League’s top scorers as a member of Liverpool for the past few years.

This season, Salah leads the entire league with an impressive 20 goals notched over the season, with second place Son Heung-Min well behind with 13 tallies on the season.

So far, Mohamed Salah has not blamed the lasers all over his face for the missed PK. But he’ll likely be seeing those lights in his nightmares when dreaming about what could have been for Egypt and the upcoming World Cup.

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