Tampa Bay Buccaneers Have One of the Most Polarizing Betting Trends in the NFL

Tom Brady returned to action today.

The NFL legend did indeed return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ facility on Monday for the first time since Aug. 11th. The Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback is back in the building and will practice on Monday, NFL Network Insiders Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero reported, per sources. Strangely enough, before Tom left for his personal time, bets were coming in on the Bucs to finish with a worse record than some of the NFL’s bottom dwellers. 

The Bucs had more money on them to finish last than the Texans, Jets, Lions, Jaguars, Giants and Panthers.  Now we’re getting some more interesting stats that prove bettors either love the Bucs or hate the Bucs.

The Buccaneers have 7 total bets that have been made at +10k plus for them to Win the Super Bowl, while the rest of the NFL combined has only had 11 total bets come in over 10k. That’s the bettors who actually  believe in the Bucs to win the big one.  On the other side of things, bettors also strongly believe the Tampa Bay Bucs will finish horrendously this season. The Bucs have nearly 33 times more money to finish with NFL’s WORST record than NFL’s best record.

Two interesting Buccaneers betting nuggets at @CaesarsSports

… 1. $10,000+ Super Bowl Bets Buccaneers: 7 Rest of NFL combined: 11 2. Buccaneers have nearly 33 times more money to finish with NFL’s WORST record than NFL’s best record.

Via Caesars:

“Even weirder, there’s been some action on the Buccaneers (350/1) finishing with the NFL’s worst record. Tampa Bay has reeled in the seventh-most money to end up at the bottom of the NFL standings, including one Louisiana bettor who placed $250 on Buccaneers worst record at 450/1 for a potential win of $112,500. In fact, Tampa Bay has gotten nearly 33 times more money to finish with the NFL’s worst record than finishing with the NFL’s best record (+250 co-favorite with Bills).

The Buccaneers currently have the second-lowest Super Bowl odds at +750, only behind the Bills at +600.

I still have to guess that all those bettors who put money on the Bucs to finish dead last were taking a flyer on Tom Brady actually retiring or getting injured. Because no in their right mind would bet on Tom Brady to lose.

We’ll continue to monitor the Bucs polarizing betting trends as we inch closer to NFL Kickoff.

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