Skip Bayless’ Wife Gives Her Opinion of LeBron James

If you know Skip Bayless, part of his brand is bashing LeBron James.

He’s made a career out of it, and he gets paid handsomely to tear into the King. Skip has always had something negative to say about LeBron, and that is not going to change anytime soon. While Skip Bayless acknowledges that LeBron is a good person off the court, he refuses to admit LeBron is a good basketball player.

For whatever reason, probably because he needs views, Skip decided to involve his wife Ernestine into the conversation. Skip had his wife Ernestine on his podcast today, and during the episode, he asked her what she thought of LeBron James.

Watch below:

Skip Bringing his wife into the LeBron James debate absolutely reeks of desperation, but so do all his hot takes, and generally everything he says, so completely on brand for Skip.

I wonder what LeBron’s wife thinks of skip?

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