Shaq Continues to Put Today’s ‘Buttercup’ NBA Players on Blast

Shaq has totally become the Get Off My Lawn Old Head.

When it comes to basketball eras, more than any other sport, the previous generation always thinks the quality of product is worse then when they played. Shaq has been very vocal in the past about how today’s players aren’t mentally or physically tough enough. On the most recent episode of his podcast, the NBA Hall of Famer continued to make those claims, although this time he was a tad bit harsher. As you will see, Shaq even referred to the latest crop of NBA stars as “buttercups.”

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Between his The Big Podcast With Shaq and his gig at NBA on TNT, Shaq has been able to give fans exactly what he thinks.

Here’s Shaq’s latest take below:

“I wish I was playing with these buttercups right now,” Shaq said. “I wish I was. I promise you I wish I was playing. It’ll be a slaughterhouse out there.”

Of course the game has shifted from a big man’s game to a perimeter game with the number of 3 point attempts drastically increasing.

Shaq’s role as a back to the basket dominator doesn’t really exist anymore, which is sad.

Just like time always changes, so does the game. Shaq’s not wrong but he’s also not right.

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