NBA Announcer Mike Breen Reveals His Favorite “Bang” Calls

NBA announcer Mike Breen returned to call the NBA Finals after a brief stint with COVID, which means the sports world was graced with his patented “bang” call once again.

Over the years, Breen has called some of the biggest shots of this era using the “bang” scream. But when asked what were some of his favorites, his answer may surprise you.

According to Mike Green, his favorite calls were during the Jeremy Lin “Linsanity” stint with the New York Knicks, when he took Madison Square Garden by storm.

“As fun time as I’ve ever had as a broadcaster were those three weeks of Linsanity… as a Knick fan and as an NBA fan, because he became the most popular athlete, not just in the country, in the world for three weeks,” he said.

In Mike Breen’s defense, the Linsanity period was something that we’ll likely never see in the NBA again.

A virtual unknown coming in as the point guard of a brand as big as the New York Knicks and dominating games was something special, and the calls from Breen will live on forever.

As you can hear, Mike Breen’s “bang” can be heard for many Jeremy Lin shots throughout Linsanity:

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