Matt Barnes Gives Update on His Relationship Status with Gloria Govan, Derek Fisher

Who could forget the crazy love triangle between Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan, and Derek Fisher.

The former NBA player says he now has a great relationship with his ex-wife Gloria Govan and his former friend Derek Fisher.

“My situation played out for the world to see, with my ex and the situation, but at the end of the day, we—all of us had to put that aside because there are kids right in the middle of this sh-t. Whether it’s blended family now or broken up family, whatever the situation may be, the reality is at some point you’re probably going to have a baby mama or baby daddy. So, [it’s] how do you put your bullsh-t to the side to realize that the bigger picture is to the kids now,” he said.

Fisher and Barnes used to be teammates so when Gloria moved onto him, it was tabloid fodder.

“Whether you can’t stand her or she can’t stand you—none of that sh*t should matter once you realize that we still have kids and we’re gonna be here. My sh-t played out so public and nasty. I’m really happy to say now that me and my ex are on great terms and I’m cool with my former teammate that she’s married to,” he said.

For the sake of the kids I’m glad they’re all cool. That  was one wild story.

Check out more of  the woman Fisher and Barnes were fighting over:

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