LaMelo Ball Talks About Horrific Living Conditions In Lithuania

LaMelo Ball had an unorthodox path to the NBA.

Instead of finishing his high school career in the states, LaMelo Ball took his talents overseas. Ball then went to the NBL in Australia and New Zealand instead of going to college. From there, he got drafted to the Charlotte Hornets. It’s been a great ride for Melo so far in the NBA. While doing an interview for Slam, Melo spoke about his time in Lithuania and how it ultimately shaped his path to the NBA.

For Melo, living there was so bad that he didn’t even care where he’d end up.

“Honestly, after Lithuania, I didn’t give a fuck where I got drafted to,” Melo said via Slam. “The beds? You roll off to the left, you fall off. You roll off to the right, you fall off. Motherfucking calves hanging off the bed—not feet, calves hanging off the bed! It was bad, bro. Once you get through that, it was like, I don’t care where y’all put me in. As long as I’m in the States and I got water, I’m good.”

Melo also had some issues with the food and weather:

“That whole shit, bruh—it felt like one big ass night! That shit was crazy. Food was hard to eat out there. Hella cold. Nobody around. That’s pretty much when I just locked in. I’m like, Yeah, I don’t really need too much. Just get it done and grind. That right there was big, I feel like. Sacrifice—you feel me? That’s what I looked at it as.  

“The mental shit goes back to Lithuania. Ever since all that, I aint gon’ lie, my mental has been straight. It ain’t nothing”

Melo is definitely coming off a little prissy during the interview.

He definitely loves a good bed, that much is clear.  Either way whatever happened helped him get to where he is today.

Everything always happens for a reason.

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