Al Horford’s Sister Proposes ‘Sex Strike’ Amid Abortion Controversy

Al Horford’s sister, Anna ,has developed into one of the top social media accounts on the web.

Often tweeting out her thoughts on his career and world happenings, Anna has garnered a lot of attention on social media. So when Al had his monster game during the Celtics-Bucks series, of course Anna had some things to say.


Shortly after, Anna Horford got involved in some political drama, as well.

For a while now, the abortion controversy has been dominating headlines. And when a democratic-led bill to guarantee abortion would be legal nationwide was shut down, Anna had a message for all the women out there.

“Women of America… hear me out… sex strike?”

People had a mixed reaction to Anna Horford’s latest bold comment, but she seemed to stand by it.

As for Al, the Celtics took a big hit on Wednesday night when allowing Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks to take the pivotal Game 5 in the waning minutes — giving them an opportunity to close out in Milwaukee on Friday night.

Perhaps Anna Horford is no longer as confident as she was following the impressive Game 4 win. But she’ll likely be active on social media just the same.

Check out more of Al Horford’s sister below:

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