Grayson Murray Won’t Apologize For His US Open Tantrums

PGA Tour’s Grayson Murray made a name for himself at the US Open this weekend.

Coming in as a relative unknown, Murray was seen losing his cool on multiple occasions. First it was a tomahawk throw of his putter that had him going viral over the weekend.


But Grayson Murray wasn’t done airing his frustrations for everyone tuning in to enjoy.

Later in the round, Murray snapped a club over his leg after sending a shot over the green and hitting the bunker.

After he saw himself going viral, Grayson Murray took to social media to say he was not going to apologize for showing emotion out on the course.

To be honest, it could be good for the PGA to have a player like Grayson Murray who isn’t afraid to act like some of us out on the course, but it’s bound to come with some criticism.

Despite making the cut, Murray finished the US Open with +18 after an abysmal +10 fourth and final round.

Perhaps Grayson Murray would play a little bit better if he kept his emotions in check out there, but I think it’s safe to say we’re all down for some more club tosses in the future.

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