World’s Worst Woman Goes Full ‘Karen’ As She Hoses Down A Crying Kid’s Chalk Art

The discussion around the “Karen” meme has swept the nation recently with even actual women named Karen chiming in about whether the meme is racist or sexist. If you’re not familiar, here are a few UrbanDictionary takes about what this means:

And my personal favorite definition:

In summation: We all know a Karen. The entitlement, the sticking a nose into people’s business, the need for validation.

But man, has any video ever spelled out what it truly means to be a “Karen” so clearly? Is that chalk art hurting anyone? I’ll go on a limb and say no. Could this lady not have waited for the dust to settle, in this case quite literally, and let this adorable little gal have her crappily drawn chalk art? I’m going to say yes. But much like wearing masks out in public and shame cycles on social media, these are our lives now. And Karens are, in fact, going to Karen.

Also if we’re being honest, that is pretty weak chalk art:

What is that? A car? A face? I kind of see an oversized Powerpuff Girl? Maybe if this little girl’s art wasn’t a living Rorschach test, this would have worked out better for all involved. I still blame Karen but we’ve got to be fair here.

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