Winnie Harlow Details Kyle Kuzma Sliding into her DM’s

Top model Winnie Harlow was on Ellen this week, and she spilled the beans on how she started her romance with now boyfriend and Los Angeles Lakers player Kyle Kuzma while in the height of COVID-19 quarantine. Apparently Kyle Kuzma was very persistent in his attempt at reaching out to Winnie Harlow. He shot his shot at least twice, which ended up working.

‘So I got a DM a year prior from my boyfriend, and I had never seen it. I don’t know what was the glitch in the system with Instagram is but that never came up for me,’ she said of their hook-up near-miss.

‘A year later, at the top of quarantine, he DM’d me again; posted a picture of me in an outfit and I was like, “Oh, hi.” He shot his shot and slid in the DM.’

So that was cute and I was like “oh hey, how’s quarantine been?’ And yea, we just starting talking from there,’ she explained.

And then, after about a month on Facetime for 24 hours ever single day, he was like “you got to come to LA,” and I’ve been in LA ever since. That was a year ago, exactly.’



Harlow also talked about the couple’s height difference too.

Kyle is a basketball player and he is like, 6ft11in or 6ft10in or something,’ she said.

Kyle Kuzma had a pretty disappointing playoffs and Lakers fan have really soured on him. His girlfriend, not so much.

Check out more of Kuzma’s girlfriend Winnie Harlow:

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