Warriors’ Stephen Curry Buys Bored Apt Yacht Club NFT

Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry bought a blue fur bored ape for 55 Ethereum, or equivalent to around $180,000 american.


If you have never heard of an NFT at this point, I’ll do a quick run down for you. An NFT is a non-fungible token. For simple terms, it’s essentially owning rights to JPEGs and images online. The Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Cool Cats, and NBA TopShot are some of the most well-known NFT in the crypto world currently.

The BAYC and crypto world  is absolutely booming right now. Earlier this week Visa bought cryptopunk #7610.

Curry bought this Bored Ape:

The floor to buy a Bored Ape and join the “club” is sitting around 24.99 Ethereum, or around $80,000 depending on fees and Ethereum’s price.

Buying these NFTs is more than just purchasing a JPEG. The communities these NFTs are creating are clearly a massive selling feature. Every single NFT project I have heard of always talks about the community of people they have “meet” sometimes just from their discord conversations. Not to mention the fact that the early investors are truly reaping the profits in their ventures.

While it seems crazy to some that someone would spend $180,000 on a picture of an ape, Curry could easily sell his NFT tomorrow for at least $500,000, or possibly more than $1,000,000 now since his name is attached to the project.

Like most who own a bored ape, Curry now uses his picture as his Twitter picture.

If anyone has any extra NFTs they want to share, send them my way!

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