Vikings WR Justin Jefferson Caught Sliding Into CeeDee Lamb’s Girlfriend Crymson Rose’s DM’s

Crymson Rose was the talk of the town during last year’s draft In case you missed it, she grabbed boyfriend CeeDee Lamb‘s phone during the (virtual) NFL draft and he grabbed it right back. The whole ordeal was hilarious and quickly went viral.

The 21-year-old beauty claims she was not trying to pry, but was actually attempting to answer a call from CeeDee’s agent as CeeDee was busy talking to his new franchise.

Since the infamous draft day phone snatching incident, she’s remained relatively quiet. Until now. We were quick to catch this post and delete from Crymson’s story, where she posted an apparent DM from Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings and captioned it “Aww”


It seems as though this post was only meant for her close friends, because she quickly removed it off her story.

See below:

Maybe Jefferson didn’t know that CeeDee and Crymson are an item? Or maybe there’s something else going on.

She posted this on her public story for a reason. 

If Crymson isn’t careful she’ll have two ex boyfriend athletes. She previously dated NBA star Trae Young.

Check out more of Crymson below:

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