Vegas Casinos Reopen Today, Here’s What They Look Like With The COVID-19 Changes

Las Vegas has begun the process of reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic after massive revenue losses in the last few months. LA Times reporter Arash Markazi is one of the first people to get back into the casinos. He posted some interesting videos that break down the changes to the Bellagio that will likely be implemented across all the casinos in town.

The strip opened at 10 a.m. PST for the first time since the pandemic shut everything down

Staff and executives welcomed back the arrival of guests with applause and cheers

Here’s how the casino floors look at the Bellagio, a ton of masks and more people than you might expect

The bar area has menus provided via QR code and plexiglass between stools

It’s a new world for Vegas’s casinos but a welcome one to see for all the gamblers and bettors out there. Here’s hoping that fancy new QR code drink menu has fun new beverages like the Quarantini, COVID and Coke, and the I Can’t Believe I Spent Three Months Holed Up And Immediately Lost $5,000 To A Casino Within Two Hours Back In Society Colada.

Now let’s hope to see how the strip clubs in Vegas turn out when our boy Arash gets wild after that socially distanced bar. Fingers crossed.

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