Titans Cornerback Malcolm Butler Had An Altercation With John Harbaugh Before The Game

Apparently Malcolm Butler has a problem with Ravens coach Johns Harbaugh. The two had to be separated from each other during an on-field altercation prior to the game between the Titans and Ravens today.

Heres a look at what went down between Malcolm Butler and John Harbaugh.

Some on Twitter think Butler even called Harbaugh a “bi***”.


The game today between the Ravens and Titans figures to have extreme playoff implications. Both teams currently sit at 6-3 in the AFC. The Ravens are chasing the undefeated Steelers in the AFC North, and the Titans are tied with the Colts atop the AFC South.

The Titans pulled off a huge upset against the Ravens in the playoffs last season. I don’t think Malcolm Butler or John Harbaugh forgot about that game.

I think this whole thing is good for the NFL. We need more heated rivalries. We need more teams that just simply don’t like each other.It appears thats what we have with the Titans and Ravens.

Hopefully this isn’t the last time these two teams face off against each other this year. I want to see a playoff rematch between these two squads. Give me all the John Harbaugh-Malcolm Butler smoke.

The Ravens are currently up 14-10 at halftime.

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