The IG Model For Whom Kliff Kingsbury Asked Sean McVay For Field Passes Has Been Identified

Kliff Kingsbury and Sean McVay understand what it’s like to date European models.

Back in week 17 of 2019, the final regular-season game of the year when neither team had any playoff hopes on the line, Kliff Kingsbury called Rams Coach Sean McVay up and asked for some sideline passes. The game was being held in Los Angeles, so Kingsbury couldn’t get the field passes himself. According to the story,  the request was like an hour before game time.

It turns out the passes were for a European Instagram model Kingsbury had met that was in Los Angeles at the time. The story was first discussed on the Pat McAfee show.

You can hear McVay, Schrager and Kingsbury himself talk about the incident and much more on the Flying Coach Podcast, hosted by McVay and Schrager.

Now we know who the girl is, it’s Kingsbury’s current girlfriend Veronica Bielick. At the time Kliff was just trying to impress her by getting her onto the field.

See the screenshots of Veronica at the game in question below:

The two are definitely still together per our source.

Kliff and Veronica are about to embark on a trip to Mexico. Kliff Kingsbury might have finished his season on a losing note, but something tells me he’ll be alright.

Check out more of Kliff’s Field Pass loving IG model girlfriend below:

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