Texans’ GM Nick Caserio Speaks Out On The Deshaun Watson Allegations

Texans’ general manager Nick Caserio finally broke the silence on the Deshaun Watson allegations. Caserio was asked about Watson’s alleged off-field behavior on the Texans’ podcast this week. He made it very clear that he’s taking these allegations seriously. The situation seems to get grimmer for Deshaun Watson by the day, however, Caserio stressed the importance of letting the legal process play itself out.

“It’s a legal process so we’re certainly respectful of that,” Caserio said. “We certainly take them very seriously. The allegations, what’s been discussed, are certainly troubling. Organizationally that’s not something that we can condone, those types of actions. But, again, we’ll let the legal process take care of itself.”

It doesn’t make sense for Caserio to say much more than that at this time. But things are not looking good for Deshaun Watson. A recent report said he allegedly deleted vital Instagram messages with masseuses in an effort to settle those cases.

Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, released a strong message on Monday regarding the latest accusations.

“Like a lot of people, Deshaun regularly deletes past Instagram messages,” Hardin said. “That said, he has not deleted any messages since March 15th, the day before the first lawsuit was filed. We categorically deny that he has reached out directly to his accusers in an attempt to settle these cases…Opposing counsel’s continued statements that these cases aren’t about money do not square with the facts in at least two of these cases. It is incredibly irresponsible to continue to make these types of false allegations in this avalanche of anonymous lawsuits, particularly while we are still trying to find out who the accusers are.”

At the very least, Deshaun Watson is dealing with a major headache. Having said that, it is hard to deny the bevy of claims against him that all say similar things. More on Deshaun Watson as the story continues to unfold.

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