Super Bowl Streaker Apparently Placed A Bet On There Being A Streaker On The Field Prior To His Run

A man went semi-streaking through Raymond James Stadium during Sunday’s Super Bowl. Today, that Super Bowl streaker was identified as 31-year-old Yuri Andrade from Boca Raton, Fla.



Andrade spent the night in jail, and was released this morning, posting $500.00 bond.

Check out his mug shot.

Another fan is now coming out with a story about Yuri Andrade. According to the person, he met the streaker at a restaurant prior to the Super Bowl. He revealed that he was planning on taking a large wager on there being a streaker during the Super Bowl at +750. He then had his brother distract security so he could get out onto the field. According to the story, Andrade will make over $300,000 on the bet, even after he pays off his legal fees.

If this story is true, you have to tip your cap to Yuri Andrade. The man was willing to risk it all and face public humiliation on a get rich quick scheme during a Super Bowl. He succeeded, too. This might have been the riskiest bet of all-time. What if he never makes it onto the field?

Yuri Andrade took a bet on himself, and he delivered. If this whole thing is true, that is.

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