Stefon Diggs Girlfriend Tae Heckard Addresses Why He Doesn’t Post About Her on Social Media

Relationships during the Social Media age can be tricky. When you don’t post a picture of your significant other, whether it be for an anniversary, birthday, or just a night on the town, things can get messy.  Buffalo Bills star receiver Stefon Diggs keeps things pretty professional on his social media.

Which is probably why his girlfriend has never made an appearance on his social media.

For those who don’t know, Bills Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs is dating Tae Heckard.


They’ve been together for about 2 years, she even allegedly moved to Buffalo to be with him. Tae recently posted pics of her kid wearing Diggs jersey. Her son’s father is former NBA Player Brandon Jennings.

She also reps him all the time on her IG. She has earrings with his name on it and she rocks a “14” chain for his Number.

Tae recently went back and forth with a commenter about him not posting her, or claiming her on Social Media.

See below:

Stefon is 26 years old, while Tae is in her 40’s. Not sure that has anything to do with Stefon not posting. It could just be he keeps his personal life separate from his public life. It sounds like Tae isn’t exactly sure herself why she never makes an appearance.

Check out more of Diggs’ actress girlfriend Tae Heckard below:

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