Sarah Fuller Responds To Dan Le Batard And Others Who Mocked Her Kickoff

Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller made history this weekend as the first woman ever to play in a Power Five conference. Fuller’s historic day landed her with the SEC Special Teams player of the week award and some criticism from uglier corners of the internet and ESPN’s Dan LeBatard.

Fuller only got on the field for one play, a kickoff, due to her team’s poor performance. Vanderbilt got blown out 41-0 by Missouri. Fuller’s kick was a designed squib kick, therefore it didn’t travel as far in the air as some people (who don’t watch football) thought it should have.

Even ESPN’s Dan Le Batard criticized Fuller for her kickoff in a tweet that he ended up deleting.

Well, Fuller had enough of people on the internet questioning her kicking ability. Here was her response.

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Yeah, I think Sarah Fuller has more than enough power in that leg. Good for Fuller for standing up to Dan LeBatard and internet trolls. She is an inspiration to so many people across the world. Maybe if her teammates can get her into field goal range, we can see her true talents.

Vanderbilt is set to take the ninth ranked Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday afternoon, and the spotlight will be back on Sarah Fuller. As she has already proven, she can handle that just fine.

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