Patrick Kane Speaks On The Allegations Against Former Coach Brad Aldrich, Cover Up

The Chicago Blackhawks have been attempting to fend off a lawsuit this offseason – which alleges that former video coach Brad Aldrich sexually harassed multiple different players during his time with the team in 2010.

The lawsuit holds the entire Blackhawks organization negligent, claiming that the higher-ups were made aware of the allegations and opted not to notify police.


When speaking to the press on Friday, Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane spoke on the lawsuit against Brad Aldrich.

While Kane admitted that the allegations were ‘disturbing’, he noted that he was forced to comply with the investigation, and never knew of the accusations during the time.

While Patrick Kane might be contradicting some of his 2010 teammates by saying that he was unaware of the allegations against Brad Aldrich, we’ll likely never know the extent of how many people knew of the alleged assault.

When Brad Aldrich left the Blackhawks, he would go on to be accused of similar acts during time with Miami Ohio, and a high school hockey team in Michigan.

We’ll see if this is the last time Patrick Kane and other prominent members of the 2010 Blackhawks team have to speak on the ongoing disturbing lawsuit.

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