Ot Elmore Gives Hope To Average White Guys Everywhere With A World-Class Soundbite At TBT

The COVID-19 pandemic tried its best to stop The Basketball Tournament (TBT) 2020, but the show must go on. TBT is an open application 5-on-5, single-elimination basketball tournament. The tournament is hosted by ESPN and features a million-dollar winner take all prize pot. It traditionally features 64 teams but was cut down to 24 this year due to health regulations. The Marshall alumni squad, led by Jon Elmore, has been a pleasant surprise. However, it’s Jon’s brother Ot Elmore who has the attention of basketball fans everywhere. Check out this all-time great soundbite by Ot from a postgame interview.

Ot’s epic quote, “those guys played in the NBA, I play at the Y”, has turned him into an overnight celebrity. All the middle-aged white dudes who still talk about the glory days of high school hoops have got to be loving this guy Ot. Even if that isn’t you, Ot Elmore is simply a feel-good story for basketball fans who are having NBA withdrawals. If you’re like me then that is the only reason you’ve even been watching this thing.

TBT has its fair share of scrubs, but there is also a good amount of potential NBA talent and washed up NBA stars that can still ball. Joe Johnson, for example. It’s been two years since Johnson (39) played in the NBA, but he’s proving he can still get buckets. At least against local YMCA ballers like Ot Elmore, that is. Ot and his Marshall alumni squad, Herd That, will play for a chance to punch their ticket in the TBT final four. A respectable run for a team that entered the tournament seeded 23 out of the 24-team field.

Elmore and Marshall might be a familiar combo for college basketball fans, but likely not because of Ot. Jon Elmore helped deliver Marshall their only NCAA tournament win in school history in 2018 with a round of 64 win over 4-seeded Wichita State. Jon is undoubtedly the more athletic of the two, but Ot is the hometown hero in TBT. Whenever you start to feel bad about yourself for being an average Joe YMCA baller, remember the name Ot Elmore. His name will be in the history books one day. Mark my words. I can already see the headlines.

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