Longtime MLB Umpire Joe West Mocked After Announcing His Retirement

Longtime MLB ump Joe West certainly put his imprint on the game (for better or worse) during his four+ decades in the league.

After being one of the most criticized umpires in the game for many, many years, West finally announced his retirement on Friday morning.

Immediately, fans, former players, and media members hopped on social media to make jokes about the end of the road for Joe West.

While Joe West might be gone, he’ll never be forgotten.

Not only did Joe West finish with the most games ever umpired in the history of the game (a record that won’t be broken any time soon). But his reputation as one of the worst in the business will mean that we’ll always have jokes about “Country Joe” at our disposal.

Despite it all, Joe West will leave the game of baseball as perhaps the most relevant umpire of all-time. For whatever that’s worth…

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