MLB Continues To Be The Couple Who Simply Won’t Break Up With Each Other As Newest Proposal Also Falls Flat

Here’s the whole Twitter breakdown from MLB Network reporter Jon Heyman:

Heyman’s done a good job in his attempts to get both the owners’ and players’ sides with each step in their negotiation. But he’s a reporter for the sport, he clearly wants to see something happen. And, because of that, his outlook is probably even rosier than the situation makes it seem. Because here’s how I think the players view the proposal based on everything we’ve known thus far:

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These guys do not want to concede a single penny that they’re owed. That much has been clear since Blake Snell made his comments about not playing “unless he gets his”. The players are unified because they’ve had a sweetheart deal for decades. Their sport gets less relevant compared to other leagues, their salaries go up. Massive contracts prove to be unsustainable for many teams since A-Rod signed with Texas, salaries still go up. They’ve had the sweetheart deal of a lifetime, and the owners (who’ve likely lost money from other investments this year) are acutely aware they’ve been raked over the coal in every negotiation over the last few decades.

It’s now officially to the point for me where I feel like I have a friend in an unhappy relationship. You hear from one side and it’s “Oh yeah, we’re optimistic this time it’ll work!” Then you’re out at a bar with them and when the MLB owners go to the bathroom, the players are drunkenly flirting with the bartender while telling them that their significant other doesn’t understand them. When you go golfing with the MLB owners, they’re telling you about how the players are such a nagging selfish shrew. And then when the players meet up with you and the owners after, the owners grit their teeth and spend a little too much time staring into their chicken marsala while the players talk about how excited they are to play baseball soon for their full salaries. MLB owners and players hear about the great vacation NBA owners and players are going to take or how NHL players are moving to a fun new house with their owners. Hell even NFL players are just now breaking out of some sort of Room style scenario with Roger Goodell and the owners. The MLB players/owners relationship is at a breaking point.

It’s time for these two sides to go to couple’s therapy and work it out. Or they need to stop bitching to all of us about it and find happiness elsewhere in 2021. I’d love to see the fellas sock some dingers again but I’m exhausted by the back and forth from two sides who don’t seem like they actually want to make it work.

It looks like we’re all going to be a child of MLB divorce. And I’d say at this point we’re all long past tired of hearing baseball mommy and daddy fight.

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