Michael Thomas Reveals Another Setback To His Controversial Rehab

When Saints receiver Michael Thomas injured his ankle last season, there was no real threat that he would miss time in 2021.

But after some conflicting reports about what Thomas and the team did to treat his injury, he has not seen the field yet this year. And on Wednesday, the star wideout had some more unfortunate news to share with fans.


Michael Thomas took to Twitter to share a lengthy message on how his rehab had hit another roadblock, and he’s now forced to miss the entire season.

Over the offseason, the Saints let a report leak that Michael Thomas was ghosting them when they were trying to get a hold of him to help with his rehab/recovery.

When those rumors hit the web, Thomas sent a message to social media to respond.

Right before the season Sean Payton met with Michael Thomas to bury the hatchet.

But now that he’s hitting the shelf for the entire season, one has to wonder if Michael Thomas’s days wearing a Saints uniform are over.

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