Matt Harvey Implicated In Lawsuit After Allegedly Supplying Drugs To Tyler Skaggs

Former Mets ace Matt Harvey is reportedly in danger of being tied into the lawsuit that followed the tragic death of former Angels pitcher, Tyler Skaggs.

The link to Harvey stemmed from Eric Kay, a former employee in the Angels organization who’s under trial for supplying the drugs to Skaggs that would end up causing the left-hander’s overdose death.

According to Kay’s attorney, his client asked Tyler Skaggs where he was supplied the drugs that he was taking in the days leading up to his death. “Those are Percocets I got from Harvey,” Skaggs allegedly replied.

Per ESPN’s T.J. Quinn:

“Breaking: During opening, defense atty says Matt Harvey will be named as possible drug source for Tyler Skaggs. Says Eric Kay asked TS the night he died where he got pink pills. Says TS told him “those are Percocets I got from Harvey.” Harvey will be called as witness this week.”

Based on the coverage of the Tyler Skaggs trial, the MLB could be looking at several different issues other than Matt Harvey’s supposed place in the drug trafficking.

According to ESPN, Eric Kay was providing opioids to multiple different players in the Angels organization. And even got supplied the drug from an umpires’ clubhouse assistant.

Matt Harvey is currently a free agent, and is expected to be called to the witness stand later in the trail.

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