False Reports Of Active Gunman In Las Vegas Sets Up Massive Chaos At World Series Of Poker

The World Series of Poker is coming to an end after WSOP Main Event Champion was crowned earlier, but that doesn’t mean the action is over!

On Saturday night, reports of an active gunman left multiple poker tables flipped, with chips everywhere as people scrambled for their lives.

Multiple poker pros and casual players went to tweet their experience and how it all went down.

In the end, Vegas PD reports that it was “Reports of a shooting near the MGM tonight are unfounded. Initial reports are a glass door shattered causing a loud noise which startled people in the valet area.”

Unfortunately, many people on the street were seen running for their lives in panic as the initial reports of an active shooter was looming around MGM.

Luckily, there was no active shooter. Many still remember the terror of the Las Vegas mass shooting in October of 2017 where 60 people were gunned down and left over 400 people injured.

No idea how the WSOP will figure out chip stacks after all the tables were flipped. Seems like a messy situation they will have on their hands.

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