Kris Bryant Is Going To War With ESPN Writer Over ‘Clickbait’ Story

Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant lashed out at ESPN writer Jesse Rodgers for a story he wrote on Thursday afternoon. The story originated when Bryant went on Barstool Chicago’s Red Line Radio and was asked about how trade rumors might take some of the fun out of playing the game. KB gave an extremely candid response.




“At times, no,” Kris Bryant responded when asked if he’s still having fun playing baseball. “It really got to me sometimes. The stuff I was hearing. The first trade rumors [in 2018] that started to pop up really got to me. I find myself [thinking], ‘Man, is this even fun anymore? Why did I start playing this game?’ Because it was fun.

“There’s a lot of other stuff involved. You make a ton of money and fame and all this. You have to get yourself back to why I started playing.”

That quote lead to this ESPN headline.

Kris Bryant lashed out on his Twitter, saying he was taken out of context.

“Must be a slow news day to take something genuine and turn it into something out of context. Do better @espn#clickbait,” Bryant wrote.


Times are tough for Kris Bryant right now. In 2016, KB was the MVP, a World Series Champion, and appeared to be on a Chicago Cubs team that was destined to dominate the league for years to come. Flash forward to now and the Cubs are tearing down their core piece by piece, Bryant’s name constantly comes up in trade rumors, and he’s been heavily criticized by fans for his decrease in production. Oh, and any time he gives a legitimate response to a question, it turns into a nation-wide story.

Stay strong Kris Bryant.

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