Kirk Herbstreit Calls Out “Idiot” Youth Football Coaches Over Dangerous Drill

Kirk Herbstreit has seen enough of negligent youth football coaches.

Since the conversation around concussions and CTE have started, a lot of the spotlight has been shed on youth football and the possibility of stunting kids’ mental growth before their brains are fully developed.

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Nonetheless, youth football rages on (albeit with much less participation), and some scary drill sill take place way too often.

Check out this recent video of a youth football drill that doesn’t actually teach the game or accomplish much of anything.


Shortly after the video was posted, Kirk Herbstreit took to social media to lash out against the coaches in charge.

“What is this drill called??? How to make kids quit playing football for the enjoyment of a few idiot little league coaches,” Herbstreit tweeted. “Parents do your homework-DO NOT ALLOW your kids to play for coaches that do drills like this. This IS NOT FOOTBALL!!!! Fire the coaches immediately!!”

Kirk Herbstreit is just the latest prominent football voice to share his displeasure with how youth football is being ran all over the country.

Not only are we neglecting these kids the chance to learn the proper way to tackle and play certain positions. But it’s also a recipe for disaster when you set up these drills that can be harmful to a young kids’ brains.

Youth football can work if it’s done right. But Kirk Herbstreit is 100% right, there are still way too many coaches who emphasize the violent aspects of the game instead of actually teaching.

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