NFL Insider Absurdly Suggests That Josh Allen Contract Hold Out “Realistic”

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen and the team’s front office have been working on a contract extension all offseason.

So far, the sides still remain apart, but continue to share optimism that a deal gets done in the near future.

Despite no clear reason for panic, one NFL insider believes that there is a real possibility that if the contract negotiations continue to go this way, we could actually see Allen hold out from the team.

“Still, a holdout is realistic because he’s a star quarterback who can afford, over the long-term, the cost of such a move. He’ll also ruin his team’s plans if he’s not in camps,” Chris Roling of Bleacher Report wrote in a story detailing six potential players who could hold out this season.


While Bills fans might be starting to get a little uneasy about Josh Allen’s contract situation, Nick Wojton of USA Today’s Bills Wire (and pretty much everyone else) doesn’t see a hold out as a real possibility.

Josh Allen and the Bills have constantly getting better since he was drafted by the team in 2018. And it would not surprise too many people around the NFL if the Bills made a Super Bowl run in 2021.

While Allen remains focused on that goal, Bills coach Seam McDermott expressed optimism that a long term contract will come at some point.

“These things handle themselves,” McDermott said, via Sports Illustrated’s Bills Central. “They work themselves out when you’ve got two parties that want to be together and have the same end goal in mind. Josh is a great, young talent and he fits so well with Buffalo and the city and the town and the people of Buffalo. So I firmly believe it’s going to work itself out.”

Bottom line: Josh Allen is not going to hold out from the Buffalo Bills this year. But it would probably be in the team’s best interest to give the young quarterback the massive contract extension he’s looking for sooner rather than later.

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