Jorge Masvidal Ethers Colin Kaepernick for His Support of Fidel Castro

Colin Kaepernick continues to rub people the wrong way, even though he hasn’t played in the NFL for a year. Following the death of Fidel Castro, former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick wore a t-shirt with the Fidel Castro on it. Kaepernick took some heat for wearing the shirt, and he even got booed for doing so.


Kaepernick then tried to distance himself from the support of Castro.

UFC fighter and Cuban-American Jorge Masvidal still very much remembers Kaepernick rocking the Castro shirt, and took to Instagram to blast him.

Masvidal has long been an outspoken supporter of the Cuban protests against their long standing dictatorship.

Kaepernick continues to be one of the most polarizing athletes on the planet.

Just imagine if he still played in the NFL …

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