Washington Commanders’ Jonathan Allen Apologizes For Bizarre Hitler Comment

Washington Commanders defensive lineman Jonathan Allen received heavy criticism on Wednesday over an answer to a pretty standard question.

When Allen came across one of those Twitter prompts asking what three people they would want to share a meal with all-time, Allen threw in “Hitler” alongside his father and Michael Jackson.


Needless to say, people on the internet didn’t take too kindly to Jonathan Allen’s explanation of his answer.

“I love military tactics,” said Allen “but honestly I would want to pick his brain as to why he did what he did.”

Following the heavy backlash, Jonathan Allen apologized for his Hitler comment.

“Early I tweeted something that probably hurt people and I apologize about what I said,” Allen said on Twitter. “I didn’t express properly what I was trying to say and I realize it was dumb!”

Jonathan Allen found himself in controversy during the regular season this year when he was seen punching teammate, Daron Payne, on the sidelines during a game.

The defensive lineman will undoubtedly be remembered for his absurd Hitler comments for the foreseeable future. And it might be best if he just keeps his thoughts off of social media for a while.

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