Jay Glazer Recalls The Time Zach Thomas And Daunte Culpepper Almost Beat Up Nick Saban

Coaching in the NFL is a completely different song and dance than coaching in college football. Nick Saban may be the greatest college football coach of all time. However, there aren’t many memorable things about his short tenure coaching in the NFL. Having said that, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports recalled a story about a time Coach Saban almost got beat up by two of his Miami Dolphins players.

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The NFL Insider was on the Colin Cowherd show discussing what it would be like for Urban Meyer making the transition from college to the pros. According to Glazer, quarterback Daunte Culpepper and linebacker Zach Thomas, almost came to blows with their head coach.


“Nick Saban, why he didn’t make it in the NFL, Daunte Culpepper tried to fight him one day and a security guard stepped in,” Glazer explained on ‘The Herd’ on Wednesday. “I think the final straw was they questioned Zach Thomas’ toughness and Zach almost kicked his butt. That just doesn’t work on this level.”

Saban’s stint in Miami wasn’t his first stop in the NFL. He had also been an assistant coach for both the Oilers and the Browns. By the time Saban got the head coaching job with Miami, he had an idea of what would and wouldn’t fly in the NFL. The same can’t be said of Urban Meyer, which is why Jay Glazer recalled the story when even an experienced Saban almost crossed the line.

If I were Urban Meyer I would be reaching out to Saban to see what advice he has to offer about making the transition to the NFL. It certainly isn’t for everyone. Hopefully, Urban Meyer’s time as an NFL head coach is much more memorable than that of Nick Saban.

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