Herschel Walker Denies He Threatened to Blow Ex Girlfriend’s Head Off

Herschel Walker is already feeling what it’s like to be a politician. Walker’s ex Myka Dean told police back in 2012 that he threatened to “blow her head off” and then kill himself when she threatened to end their relationship. No charges were filed against Walker.  Now Walker’s camp is doing some PR work.

His campaign spokeswoman said today that he “emphatically denies these false claims” and that Walker never knew about the allegations until recently.

His ex girlfriend’s mother has also addressed the allegations.

“This is the first any of us knew about this, or that it even happened. We are very proud of the man Herschel Walker has become,” said McKnight, who lives in Texas. “We love him, pray for him and wish we lived in Georgia so we could vote him into the United States Senate.”

Interestingly enough, Dean’s mother is an investor in one of Walker’s companies.

Financial records show McKnight and Dean were major investors in Renaissance Man Foods, the poultry distribution company that Walker owns. McKnight and her husband Scott also served on its board of directors.

Expect plenty more to come from these latest allegations. His ex-wife, Cindy Grossman,  also said he Walker once threatened her life.

Walker had to see this coming. All the skeletons in Herschel’s closet will eventually be unearthed.

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