Gina Carano Reveals Instagram Deleted Her Topless Photo, Threatens A Naked Protest In Response

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Yesterday, I intrepidly reported on MMA icon turned Hollywood star Gina Carano posting (and seemingly deleting) a topless photo on Instagram. While one may have assumed it was her having second thoughts, it turns out that the social media platform deleted her tasteful nudity. Gina Carano took to Twitter to call out what she perceived as BS that undermines her freedom of expression:


Nothing says “shy” like being mad at a social media platform for removing a picture of your naked body. We’ve all been there, I’m sure.

But honestly I get it if you’re Gina Carano. She’s 38 and still looks as good as ever. At the same time, being hot for a man or woman can be much like being an athlete on their last legs. You never know when you’re going to wake up barely hanging on to a roster spot. She’s got to get it out there now while she maintains at her Kareem Abdul-Jabbaresque extended apex.

And you have to keep in mind: Carano is like 99th percentile hot. For Instagram to oppress her body is like slapping a work of art right in the face. And not one of those haunted works of arts like the Vigo painting in Ghostbusters 2. But like ripping the work of Monet of Basquiat off of a wall at a time where we all need it the most.

So let’s give Gina Carano what she wants. You can see the original NSFW post from Gina Carano here. On this Fourth of July week, it’s important to remember to support our freedoms. If idiots can rail against wearing a mask in the name of ‘Murica, we can support Gina Carano’s campagn against wearing a shirt. It’s like the Boston Tea Party, but with titties. The Boston Titty Party? Let’s put a pin in it.

(Gina Carano photo via Wikimedia)

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