Former MLB Players Took The Podium To Pay Tribute To Hank Aaron During Memorial Service

The memorial service for MLB HOFer Hank Aaron was held in Atlanta today. Many former teammates and members of the Braves organization gave heartfelt speeches as part of the ceremony. The likes of Chipper Jones, Dusty Baker, John Smoltz, Freddie Freeman and Marquis Grissom were in attendance to share their memories of “Hammerin’ Hank”.

Chipper Jones recalled how Hank Aaron played a role in him being drafted to Atlanta.

“Y’all better draft that Jones boy. I’ll never forget that,” Jones said via TMZ. “That comment must carry some weight.”

Jones added, “I respected the man so much. I wouldn’t want to disappoint him or his family.”

Hall-of-Fame pitcher Tom Glavine also took the stage.

Glavine said, “We’ve all seen the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ … if there is a baseball team in heaven, they just picked up one heck of a clean-up hitter.”

John Smoltz shared a message that was played during the service.

“Baseball won’t forget, Atlanta won’t forget because he’s the greatest Atlanta Braves in history,” former pitcher Smoltz said in a videotaped message.

Check out the full video of Hank Aaron’s memorial service below.

Baseball is a better game because of Hank Aaron. Rest in peace to the true home-run king, and one of the best to ever do it. You will be missed.

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