Florida State Basketball Put Up The Lamest Banner In Sports History

2020 will go down as the weirdest year in sports history. So many unprecedented things happened and it looked like it was going to be the death of sports, and in many ways it was. At least as we knew them. The NCAA Tournament got canceled, the NBA played in a bubble with no fans, and Lou Williams still went to a strip club to get wings. It has truly been a year like no other. However, Florida State basketball just pulled a move unlike anything I have ever seen. They hung what is easily the lamest banner in all of sports history. You’ll just have to see it to believe it.



NCAA: CANCELED. That’s the banner. They also made it clear that their final ranking was number four in the nation. I mean, does it get any more desperate to hang a banner than that? Keep in mind that this is the same Florida State basketball team that won the ACC regular season. They already got to fly a banner for that, which is totally fine. But this? This is just not right.

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Look I know how much this Florida State basketball team wanted to compete for a title. I remember seeing the looks on some of the guys’ faces when they found out the ACC tournament had been canceled after walking out on the court to warm up. It was a sad day in the world of college basketball. I’m sorry, but this is not how you reconcile that. This is no doubt the lamest thing I have ever seen. Period.

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