Fan Who Got Smoked In the Face With Ball Goes On Inside Edition To Air Her Grievances

What a time to get struck in the face with a basketball.

The Charlotte Hornets fan who took a Christian Wood pass to the face did an interview with Inside Edition.

Following the incident, Wood offered up tickets to the fan for his errant pass.

Now the fan who got the screamer to the face says she won’t be able to return to work, according to her she has a hairline fracture, and a concussion to boot.

She also wants a personal apology from Wood, who apparently never reached out.

Via Inside Edition:

“I got hit so hard in the head, I honestly had no idea what happened,” Fitz told Inside Edition. “When I stood up I was disoriented and my ears were ringing.”

She said her vision also went black. Fitz ended up in the emergency room with a concussion and a hairline fracture in her cheekbone. She also had swelling and red marks on her face, she said.

Fitz said her doctor told her that she won’t be able to return to work for three weeks. Fitz said she was also upset about what she said was the reaction to her injury.”

Watch her explain below:

The very fact she turned to  Inside Edition is all you need to know, clearly she’s an ambulance chaser.

Going to a sporting event can be dangerous, deal with it.

This wasn’t a baseball to the face, just a big orange ball.

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