Erin Andrews May Be On the Way Out at Fox

The announcer wars have begun.

FOX has already lost Troy Aikman from its primary NFL team, and Joe Buck might possibly be leaving Fox too. As it turns out the network has another major free agent looming.

Erin Andrews could be the next big name to leave when her deal ends soon.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, FOX reportedly hopes to retain its top NFL sideline reporter.

“And now, The Post has learned that Fox’s top NFL sideline reporter, Erin Andrews, will become a free agent shortly. Fox would like to keep her, according to sources.

ESPN recently signed Lisa Salters to continue on its sidelines. Salters is expected to stay in her role on the Aikman-led MNF.

ESPN would have interest in talking with Andrews, according to sources, about a return to the network where she started. However, there have been no discussions yet.

As of now, the only part of Fox’s No. 1 crew that is in place for the Super Bowl is Tom Rinaldi. Fox swiped Rinaldi from ESPN in December 2020. He mans the opposite sideline from Andrews on Fox’s top games.”

A move to Thursday or Sunday night doesn’t seem too likely.

“Amazon and NBC, in theory, could be a landing spot for Andrews as they are in need of sideline reporters, but an initial indication, from sources, was that they may not be viewed as a match,” Marchand wrote.

NBC Sports’ Peter King said the streaming platform “has settled on ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit to be the analyst on its Thursday night package of NFL games starting this fall.”

Lots of shuffling going down in the booth and sidelines.

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Comments and Reactions for Erin Andrews May Be On the Way Out at Fox