Deshaun Watson’s Girlfriend Jillly Anais Seemingly Posts Response to Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Her Boyfriend

Deshaun Watson’s girlfriend Jilly Anais continues to remain silent following allegations from over 20 women claiming sexual misconduct against her NFL boyfriend Deshaun Watson.  The latest count of civil lawsuits is at 20, and the more they pile up, the more people are looking to Jilly for some kind of statement. She’s been pretty much silent on the issue,  but she’s been trending ever sine the news broke.

And fans have been flocking to her social media to drop comments.


Jilly was even linked to Diddy for possibly shooting her shot:


Now her latest post is pretty telling. Jilly took to IG to show off a sweatshirt. Now normally a sweatshirt wouldn’t mean much, but the message on the sweatshirt said it all.

“In my ‘Minding My Business’ hoodie”

See below:

So is Jilly saying she’s minding her business on the Watson drama?  Hard to imagine their relationship is going smoothly after all these women have come forward.

Eventually she’ll have no choice but to directly respond to what’s going on.

In the meantime check out more of Watson’s girlfriend Jilly below:

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